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Digital Platform

Scoremusic is a platform that offers a secure, centralized marketplace for renting, selling, and reading digital sheet music, reducing overheads for publishers and providing copyright-respectful access for musicians, all while offering features like central score management, real-time shared annotations and cloud storage for users' intellectual property.

Scoremusic is a comprehensive platform that caters to all orchestral and choir needs.

Manage your scores with ease. And share it with your group members for collaborative rehearsals.

Annotate sheet music digitally to enhance your musical interpretation.

Start renting and selling your masterpieces.

Centrally Handled Score Management

All the parts of the score can be shared with groups by one click made by librarian. Every group has a linking code for the access only to their own part.

Musicians don’t need to search his/her part from the full selection of the orchestra parts. If there will be changes in the concert order or in program, then admin or librarian can do the change in the program and it will be in right order for everyone for the full orchestra with one click.

In the presence of web material, sheet music can be distributed to musicians with a single click, and the user can receive notes made by the group leader or conductor almost instantly.

- Kaido Kelder

orchestra manager of the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra

           As a new user of Scoremusic, I value the most the possibilities that using this platform provides – efficiency, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. We highly appreciate that there is no need to send paper sheet music by mail or courier from one end of the world to the other; this results in significant resource savings.

Our first need to use Scoremusic was related to a theater performance in which the orchestra participated. Our musicians had to use sheet music in almost complete darkness, regardless of stage lighting."

- Kaido Kelder

orchestra manager of the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra

For Publisher

Are you a music publisher looking for an efficient and safe way to rent or sell your music sheets digitally? Look no further! Our platform offers a user-friendly interface that makes it incredibly easy for you to rent or sell your music sheets. With just a few clicks, you can upload your music sheets, set your desired price, and start reaching a wider audience of musicians and music enthusiasts.

Shared Annotations in Real Time

All the annotations and changes are stored in the cloud and automatically shared and synchronized with the group online, in real time. All the data can be used offline as well. Annotations and changes made offline will be saved and synchronized with the cloud once the devices are connected to the Internet.

           I think ScoreMusic is especially useful for choirs or other similar types of ensembles because it gives the group leader a possibility to transmit different comments and notes in one score and easily share it with the whole group. It becomes particularly important when the matters are time critical.

- Mai Simson

choirmaster/chief conductor’s assistant of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

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